First Gourmet Academy: Proud Of Its Exemplary Instructors
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First Gourmet Academy: Proud Of Its Exemplary Instructors

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No matter how good the facilities of one school possess, it is useless if the teachers carrying the educational mandate of the school could not carry in helping its students fulfill their dreams. First Gourmet Academy is the top culinary school in the Philippines exactly reflects the instructors it offer to its students; they are well – experienced in culinary industry and world class with their innate skills.


It is known by now that First Gourmet Academy is founded by Swedish Chef Mats Loo who honed his skills in culinary from Michelin star restaurants like Villa Källhagen in Stockholm, Westra Piren in Gothenburg, Sweden and Le Meridien in Piccadilly, London. According to his curriculum vitae published in the school's website, at the Restaurant Akademin in Sweden, he worked with the academic head to offer further educational courses for restaurant professionals. He then mastered the nuances of mass production, purchasing, food chemistry and international flavors working as an Executive Chef in several cruise ships for 10 years, including the MS Endeavour and MS Polaris. He shares his knowledge and passion with future culinary artists through his First Gourmet Academy classes. Since Chef Loo started this culinary school, he tirelessly brings out the best of his students as well as the unique offering of First Gourmet Academy which cannot be found from other culinary schools in the Philippines. He is always on the lookout on how to efficiently promote the school but doesn’t sacrifice the quality of its education. That is why Chef Loo only partners with equally well – experienced and exemplary instructors in First Gourmet Academy. Only in this way, both the school and the students can expand their culinary skills and improve more their craft on food, beverage and hospitality industry.

Mats Loo


Ziggy Segunial

A Fundamental of Culinary Arts short course is one course it offers in First Gourmet Academy and this department is headed by Ziggy Segunial. Asian cuisines, a well balance of healthy and nutrition food is what he does best. This short course offered by the school is named Connoisseur 101 aims to let culinary amateurs to learn basic skills in cooking techniques and gourmet recipes. This course is apt for Ziggy as he loves mentoring budding cooks or chefs and has been able exposed to different culture, met various people and tasted numerous ingredients over the years. Also included in his former employment history are; Philippine Airlines Inflight Catering, consultant for Asia Pacific and Far East Hotel Consultancy Company. He has also an international culinary experience as he worked in Vancouver and South Korean; a famous Korean restaurant which specializes on fast food chain and franchising.


Another notable chef that joined the ranks of First Gourmet Academy is Marie Bonus who heads an equally important sector of culinary and that is baking and pastry. Chef Marie Bonus lived most of her life in U.S. and worked in New York kitchen for years. She finished her diploma in Pastry Arts from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. She further specialize her baking and pastry skills when she worked in patisserie shops like; Financier Patisserie, David Burke and Bloomingdales and the world – class restaurant, Nobu. Chef Mats Loo offered her to teach baking and pastry which she immensely enjoyed and made her stay in the Philippines for good. It is not surprising anymore that the course she is handling at First Gourmet Academy is perfectly fit for her as it is her crème de la crème so to speak. She can easily ignite the baking and pastry skills among her students even if they are not aware of it. The Certificate in Baking and Pastry short course will surely tickle your interest in baking and pastry making as the school offers everything you need in baking like; Cookies and Scones, Pies and Tarts, Cakes, and Pastries.

Marie Bonus


Scott Boswell

The youngest pretty lady in the roster of instructors at First Gourmet Academy is their former student. Though she finished Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship her love for food and arts bugs her to further pursue her culinary skills. After taking up a diploma course in Commercial Cooking and Culinary Arts at First Gourmet Academy Chef Mary Anne Luzon get her hands full by flying to New Orleans and worked as Line Cook at Stanley Restaurant by Chef Scott Boswell, her obedience, creativity and hard – work was truly put into test as Stanley Restaurant is found in the busy city of New Orleans. She also worked in a fine dining restaurant called Stella also under the helm of Chef Scott Boswell and assigned at the dessert station. Other international restaurants included in her work experience lists are; Sunset Terrace (A Classic American Chophouse), Edison Craft Ales + Kitchen, The Great Hall Bar, Pink Pig Bakeshop and The Bathers Pavillion Restaurant. Presently, Chef Mary Anne is a Chef Instructor at First Gourmet Academy imparting her wisdom and culinary skills on Basic Culinary and Food Science modules.


For those who wish to take their culinary career to higher career heights it is not impossible to realize their potentials as they would be guided by knowledgeable, well – experienced and renowned chefs in the country today. Be it creating your own signature menu or baking the sweetest cake in town you can surely have the best of both worlds as First Gourmet Academy houses exemplary instructors for would be chefs in the Philippines and in the different parts of world.