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First Gourmet Academy: Your First Choice In Culinary

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Filipinos love to eat and Filipino’s penchant to cooking is embedded in the Philippine culture since then. We are used to traditional cooking, the one we inherited from our grandmother’s way of cooking; sourcing local ingredients from our backyard and cooking our family’s heirloom recipe in our traditional kalan or pugon. And in every family member there is this one person who would love to take cooking seriously and more so, in professional level.

Culinary school in the Philippines has been popular when food, beverage and hospitality industry started to expand in the country. Many international hotels and restaurants opened in the different cities in the metro; thus, the demand for chefs and workforce in this particular industry has caught the attention of passionate chefs to put up culinary schools in the country. This is good news to Filipinos as this would ignite more their innate passion and skills in cooking.



FUEL YOUR CULINARY PASSION. This is the tagline of top culinary school in the Philippines; First Gourmet Academy. True to its word, their firm commitment is to fuel the culinary passion of every Filipino who would love to pursue their culinary skills locally and internationally. This 2018 First Gourmet Academy will celebrate its 10th year, a decade of producing committed and exemplary skilled chefs and would be chefs in the Philippines and to other parts of the world. This culinary school is founded by Swedish Chef Mats Loo and currently serves as the director of the school. Chef Loo mastered his culinary skills through his vast experience in Michelin stars restaurants in Sweden, Stockholm, Gothenburg and London. Added to his resume is being an Executive Chef in several cruise ships such as MS Endeavour and MS Polaris for 10 years. Chef Loo alongside with his partners - well – experienced international chefs are hands on in imparting their culinary knowledge to their students.



Adequate classroom and working environment is an important factor to any student; as this helps them think well, move comfortably and more focused on their work. Here in First Gourmet Academy they exactly just that; adequate, comfortable and state – of – the – art culinary facilities. The school’s Professional Kitchen is of cruise ship standard, with only the best brands of equipment and tools justly appropriate to test the practical skill of the students. This is important also as it gave the students the exact feel and atmosphere of how it looks and works like in a real professional kitchen in hotels, restaurants and cruise ships. The space of the Professional Kitchen is fit for 20 students only, enough to hold an intimate and focused class. Its Lecture Room is equally adequate and designed with modern technologies such as multimedia teaching tools and computers to further make teaching more desirable and adoptable to the students. First Gourmet Academy is also putting practical exams on top as it practices 80% actual kitchen training and 20% lecture. And of course there is 3 instructors per 20 students as this would promote a more intimate and compact class. This goes to show that enhancing the culinary skills of the students is the primary concern of the school.



Admit it, when you say culinary some individuals who would like to pursue it have some apprehensions because they know this doesn’t come cheap. But because First Gourmet Academy wants to achieve your culinary dream they make it more viable for you. The tuition fee offered by the school has literally no hidden charges. Everything is included; from class payment, uniforms, knife kit, cooking tools, ingredients and other materials. What is unique about their


Other distinctive difference of First Gourmet Academy from other culinary schools in the country is its active partnership with other private and government institutions such as TESDA; offering international internship to its students abroad and holding hiring career events like the “cook off” contest. This event has been successful selecting students who joined their team to showcase their culinary skills internationally. Adding to the prestigious credentials of First Gourmet Academy is its numerous recognition it gets from international association such as the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Quality Program and the World Association of Chef’s Association.



With all these quality standards that First Gourmet Academy, it is not far that this school will help you realize your potentials in the culinary, food, beverage and hospitality industry. Filipinos are known as passionate people in everything that he does and First Gourmet Academy is your top choice in fuelling your culinary passion.