First Gourmet Academy Offers a Smoke Free Campus
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First Gourmet Academy Offers a Smoke Free Campus

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Pursuant to President Rodrigo Duterte’s Executive Order No. 26, also known as “Providing for the Establishment of Smoke-Free Environments in Public and Enclosed Places”, First Gourmet Academy guarantees a smoke free surroundings for its students. As schools, colleges, and universities are among the list of public spaces that the order applies to, First Gourmet Academy leads by example by strictly following the smoking ban. This is a law that we welcome wholeheartedly as it affects more than just the cleanliness of the air and the environment, but more importantly, the well-being of our guests, staff members, and students as well.



This nationwide smoking ban, which was implemented in May 2017, does not only affect those who smoke. Just like the act of smoking itself, it also affects the innocent people around them. Secondhand smoke is one of its most damaging consequences, and sadly, it affects those who are not even guilty of the vice. Moreover, studies show that disallowing smoking within the premises also contributes to the establishment’s level of productivity as workers and/or students will have more time to focus on what is more important—getting the job done. But the best effect of the smoking ban is that it encourages those who smoke to quit.


      They are numerous advantages to a smoke free workplace or campus. It benefits everyone, smokers and non-smokers. We value the welfare of everyone in our facility and we want nothing more than to provide a safe space for anyone who walks in our doors. For a culinary school, a well maintained and comfortable campus is more than necessary. Our students and professors are always working with food, which means we always have to be delicate and meticulous in making sure that our food stays clean and safe. After all, a far as the food industry goes, cleanliness always comes first. It is the true marking of world class service.