First Gourmet Academy meets The Philippine Floorball Association: A Day of Nutrition for Athletes
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First Gourmet Academy meets The Philippine Floorball Association: A Day of Nutrition for Athletes

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First Gourmet Academy recently hosted an event for The Philippine Floorball Association last May 27. This gathering aimed to shed light on the importance of proper diet and nourishment in the lives of every athlete. The Philippine Floorball Association, which was founded in the early 2000s, is currently preparing for the Asia-Oceania Floorball Cup which will be held in Singapore on June 18-23.


A total of 18 participants consisting of the women’s team, the coach, and the president were in attendance and were all very eager to learn more about proper meal preparation.  The association’s president himself, Mr. Ralph Ramos, believes that eating right is a huge factor in a player’s performance and prioritizes that each member is able to get the right nutrition before and after every game.

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The program began with the opening remarks given by First Gourmet Academy’s Director, Mr. Mats Loo, welcoming the PFA and introducing them to First Gouemt Academy. A lecture then followed to help the attendees have a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of proper meal preparation. First Gourmet Academy also introduced them to different kinds of diets and their benefits to further give them an idea as to which diet would be most suitable for their body type, blood type, Body Mass Index, etc.


Some of the diets introduced were the Glycemic Index Diet, Grapefruit Diet, and South Beach Diet. Each diet focuses on different factors such as calories, carbohydrates, and the like. There were also diet programs discussed, such as the Body For Life program, which is a 12-week diet that focuses more on exercising than food intake. There is also a local member association called Weight Watchers, which encourages people’s weight loss through regular group meetings and through their own point system.

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After the lecture, the attendees then proceeded to the kitchen to have a hands on experience in meal preparation. Each participant was given a uniform set consisting of an apron, kitchen towel, and skullcap. An instructor prepared a menu which everyone was tasked to cook, with his guidance and the assistance of First Gourmet Academy’s students. The menu included Shogayaki (ginger pork), Yakisoba with Beef and Broccoli, and Crepe Samurai for dessert. A mixture of pandan leaves, cucumbers, lemons, gingers, etc. was prepared as the nutritious drink to pair with the meal. Once everyone was done cooking, each dish was presented to Mr. Mats Loo. The attendees were rewarded with certificates of participation and discount cards to Fika and Kos Greek Ouzeri. Everyone was encouraged to be proud of their hard work and to learn from this experience as they enjoyed the healthy meal they themselves had prepared.


First Gourmet Academy is definitely proud to have hosted this event and to have this partnership with The Philippine Floorball Association. We hope this encourages more athletes to learn about the importance of meal preparation and to realize that with the right nutrients and ingredients, diets can also be as delicious and tasty as any other meal. Food and nutriotion are indeed huge factors in maintaining a good physique and in keeping up with an active lifestyle, making them as important as regular exercise.

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