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The Environment-Friendly Chef

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The true marking of a chef

The true marking of a chef does not simply begin and end with the food he prepares nor how he presents them. Rather, the most important characteristic of a chef relies on his own morals and beliefs. Here in First Gourmet Academy, we not only equip our students with the knowledge and skills on cooking, but we also make it a point to ensure that they are guided with the right principles. Indeed, the world today is ever changing and issues affecting the environment continue to arise. As a chef, one would deal with some of the most important resources available to us such as food, water, electricity, etc. With such a big responsibility, every chef must learn how to preserve and use these wisely.


When it comes to food, the biggest concern of most people is the ingredients. It is only natural for consumers to be conscious about the contents of what goes inside their mouths. Ideally, people want to be assured that the food they eat do not contain any chemicals that are unnatural and possibly harmful. We strongly agree that this is very important, which is why we never use chemicals to enhance the flavors of our dishes.

When it comes to food


The exquisite and delectable taste

The exquisite and delectable taste of our creations are solely due to the talent and expertise of our staff and students. We also vouch that each of our students practice proper garbage segregation and disposal. And amongst many other things, we are proud to say that we always conserve water and electricity in preparing meals and during any activities inside and outside the school.


As we always say, First Gourmet Academy proudly produces world-class chefs. By our standards, this simply means that each student that walks inside our halls are guaranteed to walk out as highly skilled and socially responsible individuals. We believe that the school’s task does not end in merely training students into becoming successful professionals. The most important lessons that a school can teach its students are deeply rooted in their morals and values. These qualities are certainly not limited to just inside the kitchen, but also extends to the entire community.


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