Strictly No Cell Phone Use during Class
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Strictly No Cell Phone Use during Class

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We can’t deny the fact that we now live in a time called the Digital Age. With the seemingly never-ending technological advances in our world, getting caught up in the web of smartphones and social media is quite unavoidable. Almost every day, there are updates about the launch of a new smartphone or a new feature on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Of course, we understand how comforting and addictive the use of such technology is. However, we believe that the enforcement of rules to regulate the use of such is necessary, especially in a school setting like here in First Gourmet Academy.



Like we always say, First Gourmet Academy hones the potential of each and every student with the goal of turning them into highly- skilled professionals. Undeniably, with such a goal, it is mandatory for the school to implement rules that will guide the students to the desired path. That is why we prohibit the use of smartphones and other gadgets during school hours.

It is without a doubt that First Gourmet Academy is well equipped with high class facilities, talented professors, and a commendable curriculum. All these contribute to the skills we wish to impart to our students. But more than that, we truly believe that it is not enough to merely have the skills. The attribute of being professional is also important, with it being a highly appreciated trait in this field of work. Indeed, following rules and regulations is one of the markings of true professionalism.


We believe that gadgets will serve as nothing more than plain distractions to our future chefs when they should be focused in learning. Moreover, such devices may greatly affect their productivity levels as they may be tempted to send text messages, play games, or check their social media networks. But more importantly, it is also worth mentioning that these gadgets could be a safety hazard whilst inside the kitchen.

Truly, the implementation of such a rule is beneficial not only for the school but for the students as well. It is important that they get to concentrate all their time and effort in learning. After all, that is the main purpose of a school.

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