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Cut No Worries

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First Gourmet Academy offers nothing but the best to its students. That being said, it is only expected that the school goes beyond to ensure that the quality of education being offered exceed expectations. Surely there are numerous outstanding benefits in studying in First Gourmet Academy, and one of those is having insurance. A student’s journey towards becoming a professional chef is filled with bumpy roads—and sharp knives. In First Gourmet Academy, students definitely feel secured and well protected, all thanks to the school’s partnership with the Philippine British Assurance Company Inc.



The Philippine British Assurance Company Inc. has been established for more than fifty years and has been continually trusted and relied on by different customer-focused companies. PBAC is greatly known for its affordable and trustworthy non-life insurance solutions, which guarantee safety and protection. In enrolling in First Gourmet Academy, students automatically receive the benefits of PBAC’s Iskul No Bukol Insurance Program. This program provides coverage not only for events within the school’s premises, but also for those while on transportation, on school-sponsored trips, or during any after school activities.

More benefits include Personal Accident Coverage, Accidental Medical Reimbursement, Accidental Burial Assistance, and Cash Assistance due to Sickness or Natural Death. These are only valid for students enrolled in the school year. Students claiming insurance must present the necessary requirements such as Barangay local Gov. Certificate, Valid ID, Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificate, Death Certificate from NSO. Terms and conditions apply.


Indeed, as much as the quality of education is important, the student’s safety inevitably comes first. So why not choose a school that offers excellence in both aspects? First Gourmet Academy has top-notch professors, facilities, and curriculum to ensure the quality of learning each student gets to experience. Together with the insurance that the Philippine British Assurance Company Inc. offers, First Gourmet Academy certainly is the ideal school for future chefs to enroll in.