Fundamentals of Culinary Arts

Fundamentals of Culinary Arts

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Our lifestyle workshops organized under the name of “Connoisseur 101” are ideal for the culinary amateur who seeks information and hands-on learning from experienced instructors. Participants can expect to learn the basic skills in the kitchen and various cooking techniques alongside preparing gourmet cuisines or baked treats. We are only accepting 15 participants per class to ensure that each person will be getting the proper attention from our very distinguished chef instructors.

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Certificate in Fundamentals of Culinary Arts

Learn the basic skills, cooking methodologies and various gourmet recipes under one course. The Fundamentals of Culinary Arts aims to introduce the kitchen to you in a fun and highly educational manner. Join us as we prepare delectable meals that are absolutely bound to fancy the most discriminating taste buds. You may be a beginner in the kitchen or an entrepreneur wanting to expand your menu, but for whatever purpose it may serve, we can definitely bring you closer to your goal of becoming a master of your own kitchen.


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