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The Right Time to Become a Chef
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The Right Time to Become a Chef

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It is never too late to pursue your dreams. While some people are lucky enough to know what they want and to be able to go after it while they are still young, others discover their dreams later in life. Whichever the case is, time is never an issue. There is no such thing as the right age to start your career or the right age to become successful. Success comes to people in different times. The real challenge is being ready to take the first step once you have decided on your goals.  


Timoteo L. Cagadas
Engineering Technician in Pear Harbor Naval Shipyard, Hawaii, U.S.A.
US Veterans Affairs Scholar
54 years old when took Diploma in Commercial Cooking and Culinary Arts (1 year course)



Here in First Gourmet Academy, we welcome everyone from different walks of life. We only have one requirement, and that is the passion for cooking. We encourage people to pursue their dreams of becoming a chef even if it is completely different from the career that they have already chosen, or even if they only discovered their love for the culinary arts as they grew older. Like we have said, it is never too late. We deeply admire those who take the first step towards their dream once they have discovered it.


Chelsea A. Espino
High School Graduate
Scholar of First Gourmet Academy
Ambassador of Trans U.S.A
Line Cook in Artisans Restaurant, Houston, USA



We all go through our lives and goals at our own pace and we need not be pressured by the success of the people around us. It is you, who decide when the right time is for you to reach your goals. It is you, who decide when you are ready. And once you have decided that you are, go ahead and enroll in First Gourmet Academy. The road to becoming a world class chef may seem long but we can tell you where it begins. It starts here in First Gourmet Academy.


Asiane Faye T. Mejica
ALS graduate
Ongoing student under Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts (7 month course)
Established her own business; Asiane Selina Bakeshop in San Antonio, Zambales