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Quality and Service

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There are many things that make the top restaurants what they are and why they are recognized worldwide. It could be their impeccable staffs who serve on the dot, always on time. It could be the view they present to you, overlooking a mountain range or a magnificent cityscape. It could be their ingenuity when it comes to dishes served, the methodologies used in such a way to make something as simple as rice so complex. Quality is what really brings these places together though, only the best is used and only what is considered gourmet is served and brought out to guests and diners. This is why these top establishments are recognized as being in prominence and why fine dining can be so over the top. Because these kinds of ingredients don’t come cheap.

The common factor all these establishments share is their eye for quality ingredients. And that’s what we here at First Gourmet do ourselves. All the ingredients brought are inspected and hand-picked by our staff to make sure that they are of the utmost quality. All the produce is fresh and always just enough. While other schools may just purchase ingredients for the sake of purchasing ingredients, here at First Gourmet we value quality and thus all the branded products and ingredients and curated carefully by our chefs who work with these very products in their everyday.

As an example is that while one establishment is to use just generic local olives, we know the difference of what Kalamata Olives can bring to a dish, their certain flavor and taste. While others use butter compound or even margarine for their students to use to cook with, we make sure to bring the best full cream butter available to our students. We even carry certain rare spices such as the illustriously expensive saffron and vanilla beans in their purity.

Only here at First Gourmet will you find this kind of dedication and care for quality in food and preparation. So if you’re someone who wants to understand and appreciate food quality and healthiness, look no further than First Gourmet Academy.