The Journey to Becoming a World Class Chef starts at First Gourmet Academy
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The Journey to Becoming a World Class Chef starts at First Gourmet Academy

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Here at First Gourmet Academy, we believe in the potential of each of our students. Our job is to merely help them discover their strengths and to deepen their passion for cooking. We also believe that the students themselves hold the key to their own success, yet we are here to guide them and ensure that they are on the right path by equipping them with the proper knowledge and skills needed in this venture. Our school is proud to have harnessed and honed many students over the years who have all been successful since graduating. Their stories are truly inspirational for fellow students in First Gourmet Academy who also dream of making a name for themselves in our country and even abroad.

If inspirational success stories are what you are looking for, then you need not look any further than at our alumni. These highly accomplished professionals were also once students, dreaming of becoming chefs and learning the ropes in cooking. First Gourmet Academy definitely served as the foundation for these individuals, molding their talents and encouraging them to strive harder. We want our students to become the best that they can be and we highly encourage them to come out of their comfort zones as we present them with numerous options for their on-the-job training. International or local, the choice is yours and we are here to make it happen. The stellar reputation of our school is a guarantee that our graduates are of outstanding character, and thus they are handpicked by different restaurants and companies for jobs and internships.

We are proud to share the world class success of the following:


Philip Biala

Philip Biala, First Gourmet Academy graduate class of 2013, had his internship in Discovery Suites, Pasig City. After graduation, he later became Assistant Cook in Norwegian Cruise Lines in Miami, Florida. He also worked in Chateau 1771, Makati, and in Le Pain Quotidien in Doha, Qatar. He is currently working in Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in Miami, Florida.

Melanie Faye Galapon Bautista also graduated in 2013, with her internship being in F1 Hotel Manila. She then worked as an Operations Manager in Gemini Catering Services in Nueva Vizcaya. Presently, she is a Cook in Lily’s Steak and Pizza in Canada.

Shamrock J. Figueroa Jr. had his internship in Linden Suites Mesclun Restaurant in Pasig City andeventually worked there after graduating in 2013 as a Commis Chef. He then worked as a CommisChef in Sangkalan Restaurant in Quezon City and later became a trainee in The Ritz-Carlton in Florida and in Meat and Wine Co. in Australia. Currently, he is the Chef de Partie in Meat and WineCo.


From our class of 2014, Margeorette Ann Agenar is now working in Ellaidhoo Maldives By Cinnamon as a Garde Manger. She was also a Trainee Cook in 121BC Hong Kong.

Also from First Gourmet Academy class of 2014, Oliver Go was a Culinary Intern in Eastwood Richmonde Hotel in Quezon City. He later on became a Line Cook in O’Learys Bar & Grill and a Sous Chef in Smakverket Catering, both in Sweden. Currently, he is the Kitchen Manager/Head Chef in O’Learys Bar & Grill.

Haidee J. Becerra also graduated in 2014. She was a volunteer Line Cook in Fika Manila and had her internship in Hyatt Regency Hotel and Casino Manila. She continued working for Hyatt Regen-cy Hotel and Casino under the Pastry Department and later on, became a Line Cook in Plate and Vine Restaurant at Hilton Concord, California. She is now a Cook in Hotel Nikko, San Francisco.

Garde Manger


Indeed, the internship stage is one of the most important and memorable parts of any student’s stay in culinary school. It is where they gain relevant hands-on experience and lessons that would pre-pare them for the real world that awaits them as soon as they graduate. In First Gourmet Academy, we will help you get accepted in the program you desire, be it in the country or abroad. The quality of our internship programs ensures that our students are well prepared for professional work and opens up doors in all parts of the world for our graduates.

These are just a few of our successful alumni who achieved their dreams through their hard work, determination, and of course, valuable skills that they have developed during their year in First Gourmet Academy. We are greatly honored to say that First Gourmet Academy graduates continue to make their mark in the culinary world, truly serving as inspirations to those who dream of becoming a chef. Our graduates may come from all walks of life but they all have one thing in common—their pas-sion in cooking. If you believe that you also have that burning passion, then let us help you reach your goals. Let us guide you through this journey towards becoming a chef.