First Gourmet Academy Shines on the Silver Screen in 'Rewind'
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First Gourmet Academy Shines on the Silver Screen in 'Rewind'

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The highly anticipated comeback film featuring the dynamic real-life couple "DongYan" - Marian Rivera Dantes and Dingdong Dantes. Directed by the talented Ms. Mae Cruz-Aviar, this cinematic masterpiece is proudly presented as an official entry by ABS-CBN Film Productions for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2023.

"Rewind" introduces us to John, a man navigating a crucial juncture in his life, burdened by the weight of guilt and regret. His professional stagnation, strained family ties, and a tumultuous marriage are further complicated by the tragic loss of his wife in a car accident.

Fate intervenes, offering John a unique opportunity to rewrite his story, correct past mistakes, and heal fractured relationships. The catch: a profound sacrifice, as John must trade his own life for that of his late wife. Believing his enigmatic guide to be Jesus, John embarks on an extraordinary journey through time.

As the scenes of "Rewind" unfold, the film becomes a touching exploration of the resilience and growth inherent in the human spirit. It delicately weaves a tapestry of emotions, inviting audiences into a realm where the boundaries between past and present blur. Through genuine connections and heartfelt moments, John discovers that the true essence of happiness lies in the one thing he had often taken for granted: love.



This cinematic gem promises to captivate audiences with its evocative storytelling, stellar performances, and a narrative that transcends the constraints of time. Viewers are encouraged to reflect on the profound impact of their choices and the enduring power of love in reshaping the narratives of their lives. 


We at First Gourmet Academy are particularly honored to be a part of this cinematic journey. Our School Director, Mats Loo, makes a notable appearance in a key clip of the movie, marking his debut cameo in film. We express our sincere thanks for the opportunity to collaborate with the Rewind team.


In "Rewind," Marian Rivera graces our facilities in a captivating kitchen scene, portraying a culinary student.  This collaboration not only marks a milestone for Mats Loo but also presents a wonderful opportunity to showcase our school on the big screen. We are optimistic that our involvement will not only contribute to the success of "Rewind" but also shine a positive light on the exceptional facilities and education we offer at First Gourmet Academy.