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Career Placement 2019

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Adam Gayler, the Regional Executive Chef from Ocean Properties

Last April 11, First Gourmet Academy was visited by Adam Gayler, the Regional Executive Chef from Ocean Properties, the biggest privately-owned hotel group in The USA. Travelling with him was Monica Ferchi from TransUSA, an agency that assists graduates to get a placement in the USA as well as in other countries around the globe.

“I have been assisting students and graduates from First Gourmet Academy for a while now. At the moment there is a shortage of well-educated culinary graduates in The USA”, Monica explains. This means that it is easier for graduates from this world class culinary school to get a position in America.



This is not the first time First Gourmet Academy is hosting an event like this. On average this has been done for about 3 to 4 times a year ever since the school started in 2008.

“The training that we can provide to our students is very professional”, the School Director of First Gourmet Academy, Mats Loo explains. “In this way all of our graduates will be ready to take up employment anywhere in the world. This was the whole idea when I started the school”, he continues.

Since the school started in 2008.



The students of First Gourmet Academy

The event turned out to be a big success. The students of First Gourmet Academy were asked to cook one item and present to Chef Gayler and Mats Loo. This was done under time pressure as well as financial pressure. The students were supposed to cook an item that was not supposed to be too expensive. Also Chef Adam and Mats was walking around observing the students in the kitchen taking notes of organized working stations, hygiene, proper skills, etc.

“I felt confident that they would do a good job”, Mats says. “However, when one dish after the other was presented to me and Adam, and when we tasted it together I felt very proud of being the Director of First Gourmet Academy. The students did a fantastic job”.



After the cooking, the participants of the event were interviewed as well, for about 15 to 20 minutes each by Chef Gayler. Everything went well and we are very happy and proud to announce that all the participants of this event will be offered a position at one of the hotels or resorts in the Ocean Properties portfolio. But not only that. Adam Gayler wants to be back soon to hire more of our graduates.

The participants of the event were interviewed as well,




“I had a great day here today at First Gourmet Academy. I can see that the school is professionally managed, and the students are well prepared to work in one of the properties that I am in charge of. I am already now looking forward to my next visit as soon as possible”, Chef Adam says.