First Gourmet Academy feeds your knowledge and fuels your passion for the world of culinary arts. It has an intensive and comprehensive hands on program designed to propel students to be successful in the international culinary arena.

First Gourmet Academy also offers lifestyle workshops designed to satisfy your culinary curiosity or enhance your knowledge and kitchen skills.

Whatever your purpose may be in learning more about the epicurean world, First Gourmet Academy will help you achieve all these and make you discover what sets us apart from the rest. We will prepare you for an exciting career or an enriching gastronomic experience in the ever evolving world of culinary arts.
First Gourmet Academy
...First Gourmet Academy prepares you for an exhilarating path as a chef by equipping you with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills which will define you amongst the rest.

Our lifestyle workshops organized under the name of Connoisseur 101 have the same attention to detail, with participants building techniques through hands-on learning and personalized attention.

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First Gourmet Academy
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Quezon City, Philippines
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