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Certificate in Asian Cuisines

Solve the mysteries behind Asian cuisines. Explore new ingredients from different Asian regions and learn their proper application. Your favorite dishes will be thoroughly explained and cooked together with you so you can easily take your new knowledge to your home kitchen and continue your culinary journey across this beautiful continent.

Behind every wine bottle is a mystery of flavors and tastes that is eager to be appreciated by discerning amateurs and sommeliers alike. Nevertheless, knowing how to discern and appreciate wine is something that is necessary in order to fully understand the complexity of a gourmet meal. It also is about understanding the wines’ color, taste, acidity and fruitiness to fully appreciate it.

Certificate in European Cuisines

Learn the basic skills and knowledge of European culinary arts through theory, practical workshops and immersion in the rich and diverse heritage of the classical cuisines such as France, Italy, Spain and Greece, just to name a few.

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Short Course Requirements:

  • 2 passport size photos (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
  • Present 1 valid ID and submit a photocopy

Short Course: Global Cuisines

Cultivate your passion and satiate your curiosity for the culinary arts. Sign up for one of our classes today!